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Bill, equipped with this knowledge, follows the gang to the show with Soos and Wendy, mocking Dipper and gloating that Dipper cannot stop him from executing his plan. Dragan With a background like the one Dragan has, there's no surprise he aspires to greatness in the criminal underworld.

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Mabel wants to stop Bill, but she risks losing the success of her show and Gabe's affection. This is further shown when Gabe, impressed, invites Mabel to join him for biscotti after the play. No one knows how his experiences in prison has changed him, and he won't talk about it when asked.

Dipper, now in a ghost-like form is shocked as Bill stomps on the laptop, smashing it to pieces. She compromises, attempting to retrieve the book as Dipper carries out the second half of the play. Bonnie Few nations have contributed to humanity as Scotland has. Dipper suspiciously continues to reject the offer, telling Bill that Mabel worked really hard on puppets.

Stan continues to purposefully be oblivious to what she's been doing all week. Dipper tries to solve the mystery alone. Bill asks Dipper where the journal is, which Dipper immediately refuses to answer, just as Mabel pops in and reveals that she borrowed the journal to use as a roulette aus holz for her show.

Unfortunately, they are stopped from accessing the contents because it's protected by an eight letter password. Having become more aware of his human container, Bill also finds himself plagued with itchiness from mosquito bites, and clover memory slots of breath from being forced to chase an energetic Mabel. Dipper reluctantly agrees, eager to finally discover what the laptop holds as he leaves the library with Mabel, unaware that a familiar shadow is following them.

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The two fight on the stage, Bill telling Mabel to give up, as he's a being of pure energy with no weakness. With this mask, Bonnie is determined to reverse this trend. Dipper then apologizes for his actions, but Mabel ends up apologizing for wasting a week on some dumb guy instead of supporting Dipper like she should have. He reveals that Dipper was the puppet he wanted and that Dipper "had come way too close to figuring out some major clover memory slots and wanted Dipper out of the way.

In the meantime, Dipper continues clover memory slots attempt cracking the password at night, depriving him of sleep-- failing repeatedly. The mask expresses Jiro's love for a traditional Japan, while the bared snarl represents his unshakable determination.

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Dipper attempts to warn Mabel of the imminent danger, but as a ghost, he was invisible to Mabel. Masks unlocked by default. Bill, now in the body of Dipper's puppet, laughs menacingly and warns of bigger plans that would unfold in time. In every field of endeavor - science, arts, cuisine - it is the people of this blessed land that give freely and generously.

Or is it not a reflection at all, but instead something to cause them? Bodhi Masks have always been used in spiritual traditions that relate to deities, the divine and those chasing the apotheosis of the self. He proclaims that now all he has to do is destroy Journal 3 and Dipper will be unable to stop his "big plans.

Unfortunately, the audience realizes it's the mess it really is and leaves with boos and hisses of hatred. But it turns out to be Bill-Dipper or Bipper, as dubbed by Mabel and threatens to drop the cake, thereby ruining the play if she doesn't hand over the journal. As he experiments with Dipper's body, harming it in several ways, they end up in the kitchen. στο Facebook

All we can assume is that he has been changed forever, and that he is reborn into Mabel hesitantly relents, giving him the book. However, the laptop, having received the incorrect password too many times, prepares to initiate a data wipe in five minutes.

Dipper and Mabel fight. The night before the show, while Mabel is content with her puppet progress, Dipper continues to grow frustrated. Collateral These shades belonged to a colleague of John's that he was hired to kill. She climbs to the top of the stage and reaches out for the book, but falls into the cake and nearly plummets to the stage below. Jiro's mask reflects this.

She insists she'll help him after the show, but fed up and disappointed Dipper heads to the attic to crack the code himself. He threatens her again to give up the book or he'll ruin the play. Only this night, he got a contract to kill another contract killer who was making rounds that day. As the laptop continues to count down the seconds, the temptation pushes Dipper over the edge and he agrees.

Bipper manipulates Mabel into handing over the journal. Clover memory slots two make up and leave. The surgically-shrunken nose, the botox'd lips and the expression of all-consuming vanity and self-obsession - all are symbols of fear and weakness, twisted into a horrifying parody.

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Richard Returns Is this mask a reflection of a deep-seated psychological problem? They cannot be sold or unlocked via card drops.

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Dipper angrily points out her promise and how breaking it isn't worth her obsession with her crush-of-the-week. Gabe is glad to find someone who is as "puppet crazy" as he is and asks her when her next puppet show is.

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Dipper tiredly takes Mabel aside and informs her of his encounter with the "triangle guy. Just as Dipper flies into a panic, Bill Cipher reappears, giving Dipper an ultimatum: Preferred Character Equipping this mask slot will make you wear your preferred character's mask.

Sokol If playing as a grinder for the St Petersburg Bombers hockey team taught Sokol the value of one thing, it was the importance of a terrifying mask that protects his handsome Russian face.

A land of warriors. Dipper follows them to the show which has a huge audience. Bill learns from Grenda that the journal is being kept in the prop wedding cake, which is suspended above the stage near the catwalk. Mabel requests Dipper's help, clover memory slots she'd help him crack the password once they finish the preparations for the last minute show.

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Angry with the constant error sound the computer makes with every wrong entry, he considers that there must be a clue or shortcut to make the laptop work, when he is surprised by none other than Bill Cipher.

Clover memory slots