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The Grim Rule

Keywords A keyword is a card ability which conveys specific rules to its card see " Keywords " on page A fast event card may be played from a player's hand any time its play instructions specify. If a card gains immunity to an effect, pre-existing lasting effects that have been applied to the card are not removed.

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If multiple instances of the same ability are in play, each instance interacts with or may interact with the game state individually. If the effects of an event card are canceled, the card is still considered to have been played, and its costs remain paid.

Asset Cards Asset cards represent items, allies, talents, spells, and other reserves that may assist or be used by an investigator during a scenario. The outdoor, four-acre Woodrow Wilson Plaza is also used in special events and galas. An attachment exhausts and readies independently of the game element it's attached to.

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There are three types of triggered abilities: If the effects of an event card are canceled, the card is still regarded as played, and it is still placed in its owner's discard pile. If an asset with a sanity value has as much or more horror than it has sanity, it is defeated.

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A card ability that refers to clues "at a location" is referring to the undiscovered clues that are currently on that location. Remove all tokens from the card to be advanced.

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Any time the effects of an ability are canceled, the ability apart from its effects is still regarded as initiated, and any costs have still been paid. Joining or Leaving a Campaign Once a campaign has begun, players can freely drop in and out of the campaign in between scenarios. A fast card does not cost an action to be played and is not played using the "Play" action. An enemy with the aloof keyword does not automatically engage investigators at its location.

The Golden Rules

It spawns at the same location as an investigator, It moves into the same location as an investigator, An investigator moves into the same location as it. An investigator might also be defeated by a card ability. The first appendix describes the process of playing cards or initiating triggered abilities.

If an investigator is killed or driven insane, that player must choose a new investigator to use in the next scenario, and creates a new deck for that investigator.

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Once attached, such a card is referred to as an attachment. This should be done without revealing that card or its text to the other investigators. That player begins as if it were his or her first scenario in the campaign, with no experience and no trauma. A player's investigator deck may not include more than 2 copies by title of any given player card. Investigator Deck A player's "investigator deck" is the deck that contains that player's asset, event, skill, and weakness cards.

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Danny tests agility and reveals a —8 chaos token. Constant Abilities See " Ability " on page 2. For example, an ability that is triggered "After X occurs," may be used once each time "X" occurs.

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Fast Fast is a keyword ability. A ready, unengaged enemy engages any time it is at the same location as an investigator see " Enemy Engagement " on page These assets are indicated by the lack of a card level and the presence of an encounter set symbol see " Asset Cards " on page 4. Attacks of opportunity count as enemy attacks for the purposes of card abilities.

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When a card exhausts, it is rotated 90 degrees. See " Weakness " on page Activating such an ability performs the designated action as described in the rules, but modified in the manner described by the ability.

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If a card leaves play, the following consequences occur simultaneously with the card leaving play: If a player gains one or more resources, the player takes the specified number of resources from the token pool and adds them to his or her resource pool.

In between scenarios, players can purchase new cards or upgrade cards in their deck following the rules found under " Campaign Play " on page 5.

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If a cost requires a game element that is not in play, the no trade route slots available paying the cost may only use game elements that are in his or her game areas such no trade route slots available his or her hand no trade route slots available deck to pay the cost. If the test is successful, the investigator has succeeded in investigating the location, he or she discovers one clue at the location.

However, if an investigator fails this test against an enemy that is engaged with another single investigator, the damage of the attack is dealt to the investigator engaged with that enemy. An investigator's deckbuilding guidelines found on the back of the investigator card must be observed while that investigator is purchasing new cards.

A lasting effect expires as soon as the timing point specified by its duration is reached.


A forced ability with a timing point beginning with the word "when A mission of New York Avenue Presbyterian Churchit was built in and appears to have been razed for the construction of Federal Triangle. Triggered Abilities A triggered ability is any ability prefaced by either a [free] icon, a [reaction] icon, or an [action] icon.

The slots oyunlari oyna concert series held on the Woodrow Wilson Plaza and the many food options draw many to the building during the lunch hour.

Forced Abilities A forced ability is identified by a bold "Forced — " command.

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