Warrock slot 5,

Magnum - this is a slow firing 6 round revolver with terrible recoil and horrible accuracy.

One of the better anti-infantry weapon of the heavy trooper class. While the bullet drop is not as bad as submachineguns it does not help that much in long range kills as the recoil makes it hard to get tight hits at far away enemies.

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Actually not that accurate against infantry except for the aw50f rainbow. Bizon - a terrible gun with a very large ammo capacity of Lucky shots from long range with this gun is still possible but is very unlikely.

AUG - Not really a sniper rifle but an assault rifle for the sniper class. The higher vertical recoil makes this gun not that great in longer ranges.

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Stinger - can lock on aircraft and takes them out in 3 shots 2 shots for the md This is often available only by buying it through wrcash. The scope is terrible though as it obstructs the view of the target at long range where this gun is meant to shine.


And oh, the weight is quite heavy even if you warrock slot 5 using the regular version. Like the m82 and m95 it can pierce glass and can do damage to vehicles with the NTW doing the most damage. It just received a damage buff in the more recent patches and can actually kill in 3 shots now.

It is no longer as common as it used to as the mp5k and the FMG has warrock slot 5 it in popularity. FMG9 - In real life it is a semi-automatic carbine but in warrock it fires full auto. It can do 1 sistema roulette infallibile kills with ease and the splash damage and radius is quite excellent as well which is why it is excellent for anti-infantry use.

The regular version lacks a scope.


XM8 - Perhaps the best assault rifle in the game. However like all rocket weaponry the smoke trail gives away your position and enemies facing your direction has a very good chance of just moving away. Galil - As far as warrock ph is concerned the only way to get this is by getting it as a level up reward.

M16A4 - This gun behaves like slower firing m4a1 with a higher vertical recoil. It fires slower than the m24 though so it is not recommended against fast moving targets unless you can get a shot kill which requires plenty of luck.

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It is because of the high vertical recoil that this gun should minimize shooting at enemies farther than 50 meters as accuracy becomes awful the further you shoot. At short range you are likely to win if you get the first 3 shots in your opponent almost every time.

It cannot be used outside vehicle maps. Spray and pray with long bursts of 20 shots or so.

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