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Carburizing on the other hand, is a high temperature process, and allowance for additional grind stock due to rehardening is necessary. Applications such as guides, rails, extrusion screws and precision gears are ideal candidates for nitriding.

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Parts can be masked avoid hardening some areas, such as gear hubs and bores, keyways, threaded holes or bearing surfaces, which are easily machined after nitriding. Ion nitriding, rust oxide reserved slots the other hand, is a more restrictive process. How Metlab Can Help In addition to an extensive range of thermal processing services, including vacuum heat treating, the Metlab facility includes capabilities for both nitriding and carburizing.

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Similar to nitriding, carburizing increases strength and wear resistance by diffusing carbon into the surface of the steel. There are advantages and disadvantages to both processes. A single cycle nitriding heat treat run is generally 48hours at temperature and results in a case depth of 0.

Quality The quality standards to determine case depth and hardness are the same, i. Typical applications for nitriding include gears, cranks and camshafts, cam followers, valve parts, plastic injection molding screws and dies, die casting tools, forging dies, extrusion dies, injectors, and firearm components.

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For uniform case depths in a load, parts must be of similar size and geometry. Alloy steel is standard, A B7 and A 2H.


Depending on the material, deep freezing and a second temper to reduce retained austenite may be required. Although this can be balanced by the cost of the base metal used to manufacture the part. Media recommendation is one of our specialties.

Our quantity purchases result in competitive prices for you. Series 20 gages are available in a wide variety of materials to meet specific applications.

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Standard construction for Series 20 Gage includes a one-piece chamber machined from bar, forged steel covers,tempered glass, alloy steel bolts and nuts. Identifying the proper media is one of the variables which can prevent you from achieving your desired result. Ceramic Indiana state tax on gambling winnings media is recommended for general purpose polishing, light and heavy deburring, fast and extra fast deburring and ultra aggressive metal removal.

Our Stainless Steel is dual rated for standard and L Grade. Deeper case depths, a requirement of coarse toothed heavily loaded gears and general blackjack can readily be economically achieved. The cushion gasket seat is recessed.

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This ensures reliable, predictable and repeatable heat treating results. Sequence showing large steel mill pinion being removed from the carburizing furnace and transferred to the quench tank to be hardened and subsequently tempered.

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