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Looking through the terms and conditions at Casino Extreme, there is nothing that stands out as being unfair or predatory toward players.

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Gratuitously sick movies with nothing else going for them are worthless to me, as extreme casino exploitation trash, and I am not a fan of the so-bad-it's-good genre although I do enjoy the occasional campy b-movie. There are no pending times listed, either that or they are included, which means that a player will get his money within seven physical days provided there are no bank holidays in there.

Terms and Conditions, Banking.

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I have very high standards for the 'Recommended' listings. Also see the Honorable Mention section for names just beyond the scope of this site. Movies that were extreme for their time, or milestones in extreme cinema may be included as well.

The staff picks up very quickly through the live chat, and I was able to get a full rundown of the wagering requirements on the various bonuses that the site puts forward. If you want to know how big a grain of salt to take my reviews with, this is my taste in general: Correspondingly, although many horror movies have gore, what counts as far as this site is concerned is that the movie revels in it and gives it top billing.

Beyond that, they actually pay really fast!

For a personal manifesto on extreme movies and why I watch them, try this essay. I simply classify a movie as either recommended, of some interest worth seeing at least once despite its flawsor worthless.

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Customer service is available around the clock using live chat, email, or telephone. Many movies nowadays have disturbing, bleak, perverse or violent content, but this site is only concerned with the ones that take it to an extreme and use such content in gratuitous, warped, bizarre, or over-the-top ways. Rather than succumb to a vague, subjective and meaningless classification, this site makes use of the following dictionary definitions: Another thing unusual about this casino, in a good way, is a very strong 4.

The banking system is good at Casino Extreme, which is a rarity when you consider the site serves the American betting market.

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I don't make any attempts at objectivity, and there are bound to be many strong disagreements, especially when it comes to cult movies. Taking the above into account, pages on film-makers provide only a description of the types of films they make, their general approaches and trademarks, and reviews for all of their more extreme creations, rather than presenting full biographies and complete filmographies.

Reviews may be improved and edited over time and the site is always growing. Feel free to e-mail me with feedback.

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