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This cost-effective solution allows high levels of controllable ventilation without the usual opening Providing notable flexibility to meet specific application needs, including varying degrees of exterior visibility, Loggia panels allow for louvers to be positioned at a range of inclinations and pitches.

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It can be fitted quickly, without milling or drilling, it can also be easily fitted in windows that are already placed. Utilising the latest weather information, the software is able to predict the indoor thermal comfort of a building over a year, to identify potential overheating issues during the summer months.

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The system is available in white, chestnut and grey or even oak. Our Technical Services team will be pleased to offer advice and assistance on the application of all products.


In addition to a wide variety of panel designs featuring fixed aluminum louvers, Loggia panels are also available with movable and wooden louvers as well as fabric. The fabricator is safe in the knowledge that only the minimum number of ventilators required need to be used to achieve this compliance.

Ventair Ventair is a pressure air vent, mounted in the upper part of the window.

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Two different designs are available: It is suited to large, m We do not install vents in the bathroom as the external cold air stream could be unpleasant for users and would cool the room. It can be fitted in new or already mounted windows, in the upper part of the frame.

Featuring a larger outer flap, the AR75 inhibits precipitation infiltration, including in the Prospero Hall multi-family building project in East Harlem, N.

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With a unique and patented inner mechanism that facilities four airflow level possibilities in a single design, the AR75 flap ventilator is ideal for hi-rise building applications. Regel-air is available in white and brown and in the Basic Air Plus version for profiles with three seals. The noise-dampening baffle includes a combination of sound absorbing foam 70 mm thickness and a plastic sleeve 90 mm thicknessboth of which can be adapted to a variety of window frame depths.

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These air-vents have a self-acting flow controller which responds to pressure differences so that the amount of inlet air is constant, independent of the weather conditions like wind or cold. Comprised of a plastic sleeve with integrated sound-absorbing foam baffle in between both an external and internal slotvent, Sonoslot is available in, and mm sizes.

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The Silence of Natural Ventilation SoundScoop from Passivent significantly reduces sound transmission while enabling low airflow resistance, essential in naturally ventilated buildings. Regel-air, Ventair, Aereco and Renson.

Additionally the system is equipped with a lock for minimizing air flow. Renson is available in white and brown or made to order in any colour from the RAL colour palette in single coloured, double coloured or tricoloured version.

Available in four configurations Small, Medium, Large and Xlarge and in 10, 15, 20 and 25 mm sizes, Sonovent is also presently being installed as part of a building project at Camarillo High School in Camarillo, Calif.

The company is presently growing a U. Renson Renson is an aluminium flap air ventilation system installed in the space between the glass panes, which replaces part of the glass package. This ensures proper ventilation without cooling the rooms.

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Read More Energy efficient ventilation systems reduce harmful condensation without user intervention iMEV continuous mechanical extract ventilation systems from ventilation specialist Passivent offer a low energy, automated approach to optimising air quality and reducing the risk of harmful condensation and mould Our free technical advice and specification service helps to ensure that your project will meet all regulatory requirements.

As a result we get worsening hygienic conditions in the room; the room becomes stuffy, windows develop condensation, and the walls can form fungi due to repeated moist conditions. To avoid such problems Tontor offer four types of air vents: With an optimised acoustic design for the transfer of air between noisy and noise sensitive spaces, Soundscoop allows fresh air through building walls whilst minimising the transfer of noise into quieter areas.

This new standard will transform approaches to design and system choices. Read More Passivent's new and improved central extract fan In order to comply with changing ErP regulations which have come in to force recently, Passivent is offering an improved version of its A DC E central extract fan Ventair is available in white or brown, but there is an option of any custom colour from the RAL colour palette.

Depending on the type they can be mounted above, below or between the glass packages. The Trickle Ventilator range is extensive and covers products for virtually every window and door application and material. It is automatically controlled via a sensor polyamide tape that analyzes the level of relative humidity and automatically optimizes the flow of air supply to each room depending on the ventilation requirements.

With an optimised acoustic design for the transfer of air between noisy and noise sensitive places, it provides natura These elements are connected by a gap made in the windows profile, enabling air flow. Its small, narrow and discretely designed aluminium internal slotvent can be completely closed, and when open deflects airflow upward to prevent direct drafting.

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A pioneer in natural ventilation and daylighting, the Passivent name is recognized for providing innovative yet practical solutions across all sectors for the Removal of Moisture, Cooling and Air Quality, Background Ventilation and Natural Daylight. Successfully promoting an ideal mix of fresh air intake and energy conservation across Europe, the THK90 is also presently being integrated into a building project at Harvey Mudd College in Claremont, Calif.

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Able to be glazed-in or installed at the transom, the THM 90 series is a line of flat, thermally broken aluminum window ventilators featuring a self-regulating class P3 flap that prevents drafts, promotes watertight performance up to 20 Pa in its open position, and can be set in five stepped positions open, closed, and three intermediate variations.

The wide choice outlined in this leaflet means compliance is possible when used with other products from Titon's traditions casino bid ventilation range: Ideal for use in the education sector. Comprising external and internal louvres, the units have been used in the externa The Aereco system consists of three components; the air intake port mounted on the outside, the controller mounted on the inner side of the window, and pad drivers.

This will help ensure BB requirements are met. The THM90 also offers three installation method possibilities across numerous glass thicknesses: There is an additional manual adjustment, which can be used in order to close the flow. Ventair air-vent consists of two elements; the air intake port mounted on the outside and a regulator mounted on the inside of the window. Opened in September it accommodates a wide range of concerts, conferences and events and has a seating capacity of 12, Performing household chores such as cooking, washing or bathing generates steam, which increases the humidity in the room.

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