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Blackjack spray perfume. Use of Perfume Bottle for Self Defense

Then, cover the nose of your opponent using the piece of cloth filled with perfume.

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Here are various ways to use your perfume bottle for self defense: Pepper spray is powerfully effective, even against all those who feel no pain, such as psychotics, drunks and drug abusers. Smash the Container in the Face of the Assailant Lastly, you can utilize a perfume bottle for self defense by smashing its solid casing into the face of your enemy.

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The move would catch a person off-guard or it will make the individual instinctively cover his or her eyes, which will open up a window of opportunity for you to either carry your own attack or flee. Keep nothing of value in your purse.

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And actually, Yosemite National Park is now advising all visitors to bring pepper spray to protect themselves from bears. And since it is an blackjack spray perfume agent, it doesn't work like the irritant chemicals of tear gas or mace, and isn't vaporous or will not give off a lot of fumes like tear gases.

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An excellent body wallet is available in the blackjack spray perfume section at Walmart. Empty Contents in a Piece of Cloth Another way to use a perfume bottle for self defense is by emptying its contents into a piece of cloth.

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A gun is good but consider that the "nuclear option. In fact, keep only real girly stuff in it, so the thief will feel like a total fem as he's rifling through it.

If the contents make contact to the eyes of your opponent, it would produce a stinging sensation or even temporary blindness depending on the chemicals present on the substance and the vulnerability of a person to its chemicals. The pepper spray is designed to inflame the mucous membranes of the eyes, nose, throat and lungs causing a very painful burning sensation, continuous tearing, uncontrolled coughing, choking, nausea and disorientation.

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News Blackjack Blackjack Dolls Perfume is a straight flush of an enticing and intoxicating mix of juicy mandarin, lush peach notes and sweet fragrant gardenia. The tailored and stylish black and white packaging for Blackjack Guys is designed to evoke images of the elegant casinos of Monte Carlo — where male patrons were required to be dressed in sophisticated, formal black-tie fashion — where men attired in tuxedos would spend their evenings betting on games of chance.

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You don't want to lead him on but in case he is a psycho you don't want to antagonize or humiliate him either. And if he's a nice guy you wouldn't want to do that either, so there's no reason to do it at all.

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The moves are effective if the perfume you are using has a strong smell. It doesn't matter if the assailant is large, strong or macho.

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Page 1 of 1 Pepper Spray Pepper Spray is a Non-toxic, Non-flammable, Temporary-lasting self-defense spray that instantly overpowers an attacker. The heart of the fragrance captures a seductive mix of green hyacinth, pink slots machine types and dewy rose.

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We have already shown you how to turn keychains, handkerchief, pens and other materials usually found in the pocket for self defense. Blackjack Dolls hot-pink bottle and carton are intended to capture the colorful, flirtatious and sexy-hot costumes of beautiful Las Vegas Showgirls!

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Getting subdued with pepper spray will put any criminal down helpless, struggling and totally impaired for up to a half hour or more. Both fragrances have an official betting chip for their logo identification! This will give you the time you need to escape and call the proper authorities and leave your attacker in a very agonizing dilemma.

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Rich velvet musk and precious woods blackjack spray perfume to leave you with gambling bill florida warm feeling of exotic sensuality.

At the heart, a touch of orange flower and fresh geranium wrapped in soft suede creates an invigorating aromatic signature. In the drydown, rich amber, sandalwood and earthy patchouli reveal a youthful masculinity.

I feel the same way about any confrontation; once I'm grappling with a robber or exchanging blows with someone at a casino I'm already in deep -EV territory, and it probably means I've screwed up.

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So, blackjack spray perfume next thing that will be discussed here is the use of perfume bottle for self defense. Nothing wrong with that, right?

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I've done it, more than once, and for the aforementioned reason- it's not that I'm cowardly or anything but just having to deal with those people at all means I'm already -EV. Spray the Contents in the Eye of the Aggressor The most common way to defend yourself using a bottle of perfume is by spraying or spilling its contents into the eyes of the attacker.

And don't be bashful about having security escort you to your car. If you have questions related to the topic or about self defense, email us your questions through our Contact Us page. It can be on your handkerchief, scarf, or your forearm if you are wearing long sleeves.

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By merely spraying a person with pepper spray from a safe distance, the attacker is knocked to the ground and incapacitated with the effects lasting for 30 to 45 minutes. There is no way to defend a purse. No shame in that, AP's do all kinds of fake stuff.

It has also proven itself as one of the absolute best deterrents against vicious dogs and for controlling wild animals.

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These could make a person dizzy if he or she inhales an adequate amount of its fumes. Pepper spray will not deteriorate with age if in storage, and it does not cause any after-effects.

Automatic Monkey Banned Keep in mind that when a guy approaches you at a casino the chances are excellent he's a perfectly good person just looking for a girlfriend. Blackjack Guys Cologne is a full house of refreshing top notes of sparkling bergamot and spicy coriander blended with cool blue sage and lush ivy leaves for a burst of vibrant energy.

Lots of assaults are triggered by a rejected advance. May I suggest a fake wedding ring?

Blackjack spray perfume