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Tell her you think she is pretty. Talk to Cindy and agree to be her boyfriend; take the gum from her and show it to Lily.

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Case West confirms that Rebecca and Frank knew each other, and were colleagues and friends prior to the events of Dead Rising 2. Excited for a possible development in the story, Rebecca rushes to the tunnels on her own to try and investigate.

Rebecca resumes her role as the ambitious and fame hungry news reporter. You don't often get access to the Nugget Cave, so this is a good opportunity to grab this one.

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There is a Monstermon card here, if you have enough spare apples to take it. Whichever method you use to distract her, go to Nugget's cubby and take the 2nd Nugget of Friendship. Nugget is moved and will cry, expressing his desire that ne no longer wants to forget Billy and quit taking the Principal's pills.

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Concerto hmb casino lisboa, talk to Nugget. Addtionally, during one of the cutscenes in Dead Rising 2, Rebecca films a burning van and some dead mercenaries with her camera.

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Keep your eyes peeled, his sprite keeps the slop in his hair for the rest of the day! You can also give him the doughnut, but I advise against it, as we need it later! After Frank gives her the Phenotrans laptop from the lab, she attempts to call her station only to be shot, but this time, she is shot in the stomach rather than in the forehead and the gunshot wound is not lethal.

Atop the roof, Chuck battles TK, his bodyguard and his helicopter pilot.

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Go over to the sandbox and talk to Nugget. Talk to Monty and buy the yo-yo from him. With that being said, if you're pulling your hair out - here's the guide. After school ends, Nugget will reward you with his special item - a note from the missing student, Billy. Applegate will then appear and threaten to send you to the Principal's office.

Chuck sets out to find Rebecca and sets foot in the abandoned hotel, only to have a zombie attack from behind. Return to Nugget, who allows you passage into his Nugget Cave. Once TK is defeated, he is brought back to the Safe House along with Rebecca, who was filming the entire incident.

She sw steakhouse wynn casino rescued and brought back to the shelter.

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During a dispute with Officer Sullivan, Rebecca shows up in the Safe House and begins taping the argument and then Katey, only to cottage near casino rama backlash from Chuck. After this has happened, Frank and TK engage in battle with TK being thrown over the railing and falls to his death.

Talk to Lily, be sure to mention Billy's name, which will cause the statue to explode. Case West Edit Rebecca is only mentioned in the game. Interact with the memorial shrine Nugget build to honour his missing best friend Billy and place Cindy's flower upon it as a sign of respect. So drop me a comment, I love hearing your questions, criticisms, comments and general gaming discussions.

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Either give Jerome the yo-yo and let him distract the teacher, or offer the teacher one of Nugget's pills. Optional; there is an alternate method later He will reveal his plan to destroy the Principal's statue. Take the device and place it behind the statue when the exclamation mark prompt appears. Here on my blog, I rant about, review, trash talk, praise and generally talk about all of my favourite and least-favourite games.

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She and Frank have a history together and this is evidenced when Frank says she isn't the weather girl anymore. I also have a bunch of gaming merchandise which I am glad to show off.

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