My neighbor's dog poops in my yard. ? What can I legally do? | Yahoo Answers

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When I was pregnant and handling feral cats I had myself tested for exposure to toxoplasmosis.

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If your neighbor is up to the task to do that in their own yard, that might work, or you could offer to do it for them perhaps? Also, garden with gloves, so that you do not have dirt on your hands.

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You can't handle this yourself? Is there a way to: I don't want my cats to poop in their gardens because I value my neighbor's right to have poop-free yards. I've really got to get my husband to replace the fence that blew down almost two years ago to at least keep the dog out he's halfway there!

The problem solved without great cost or effort. That said, it is very inappropriate of them to do what they are doing.

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Regards, Michele August Can anyone advise me on how to stop the numerous neighborhood cats from pooping in my yard? However, my vet said he hadn't seen a case in many years, and that it was very rare. As an animal, it has no civil rights to privacy to keep it from being recorded without it's knowledge That's why you can't record people off of your property for legal purposes So I would do that.

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I'm sure anything similar would work, or any other method that prevents the cats from scratching and digging. Or send your neighbor flowers and offer to clean up the poop at the very least if they continue to complain. We move the sprinkler around our yard every few months to keep the cats on their toes but, in general, the cats don't come around. My neighbor was totally unhelpful when I asked him to keep the poop away from my yard and garden during my pregnancy.


Your squirt gun idea doesn't sound like a bad one really. On the other hand, I'm not inclined to eat what I grow when I know the cats have been pooping in and around it.

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I then lay the netting over the garden and stretched it taught, weighting it down with stones around each garden bed. I then started thinking about whether or not my veggies, current or planted woman craps on lawn the near future, would be contaminated.

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We had that problem for a while, and finally got them to move on by setting woman craps on lawn a strong solar-powered motion-detector light focused on the spot, frequently cleaning the area wear disposable gloves! That's their property and B.


There are several spots in my yard that they regularly use often trampling my flowers. When you catch the culprit s they will usually have a collar with a phone number if the pet owner is responsible.

Lately though, it seems worse than ever. We got ours through frontgate.

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I gather she doesn't want to try any of those methods to help repel the cats from her yard. Both with my husband's cats I opted out, I'm allergic and every other cat in the 'hood that wants to lay claim.

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I bought some natural repellant that really didn't work. Cats don't like it, apparently.

We're taking a whole new approach.

Generally, I think cats bury or at least try to bury their poop; raccoons just leave it lying there. First, does anyone have any good ways of discouraging the cat?

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How can I discourage them from using it as their toilet? So here's what you do: If anyone has done this I would love to hear how long it took, any tips, etc. Sometimes need to watch the cats response and adjust the wire if the cat is persistent.

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