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Gambling was an important form of entertainment in ancient Greece and soldiers who were at war indulged in it regularly.

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After the final wager had taken place, Zeus won the Heaves, Poseidon the sea and Hades, who got the short straw, won over the Underworld. The Mayans had a public domain for gambling. Thus the game of dice becomes the cause of the very dishonour of the Pandavas and it ultimately leads to the battle of Kurukshetra.

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The Roman goddess of good luck was called Fortuna. Monday, September 22, Gambling and Mythology Gambling is one of the oldest forms of entertainment and leisure known to man.

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Once Zeus accidentally met the goddess of Chance Tycho and the two together had a daughter called Fortune. Thus it is seen that gambling has played a major role in many cultures around the world and the mythology of these cultures are full of legends which support the same.

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She wore a blindfold and was supposed to be just with everyone. The word has many definitions. The Greek poet and tragedian, Sophocles — BC claimed that the dice was invented by a mythological hero, Palamedes during the siege of Troy. The casting of dice was a way of choosing rulers, making predictions and betting on circumstances.

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This has caused chaos in casinos more than once. A myth can be a traditional story accepted as history and served to explain the world view of a people. The Aztecs had Macuilxochitl, also known as Xochipilli; the God of gambling, feasts, music and dance.

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Diwali truly is the material festival. So it was kind of a game of death. There is also a famous story regarding Poseidon, the dunn edwards blackjack God and earth shaker and Athena, the goddess of wisdom and strength. One of the most popular games was called Par Impar and was in actual fact a simple form of odds or evens.

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There are numerous instances from mythology and popular folklore of cultures around the world that show how gambling played a very important role in the lives of people. People betted on the two teams and this was very similar to the soccer games we see today as there was a goal as well.

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It is somewhat scary to know that after the game either the winning team or the losing team was sacrificed to appease the Gods. If you are into Greek or Roman mythology, you might want to know that there are casinos named after Fortuna, obviously, but also Poseidon, Hades, Zeus and Olympus.

Many historians state that gambling was in fact recognised as a major social problem in the Roman Empire.

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Fortune being a goddess herself was very fond of games of chance and blessed those who played her games with passion and enthusiasm. One of the first mentions of gambling was in Ancient Roman and Greek history.

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It is said that if Lakhsmi the Goddess of wealth is generous to you on Diwali, the coming year will be prosperous. But first we must explain that a myth is also strongly connected to the word mythology. The Romans worshipped many gods, and among them, the goddess named Fortuna was considered to be the ruler of fortune and chance.

In India, it is particularly popular to gamble on the day of Diwali.

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Everyone, from the upper elite to the peasants and slaves enjoyed gambling and while it was illegal at the time, many still regularly practised it. It was forbidden to take part in dice throwing gambles, and the penalty for the perpetrator was either time in jail or a fine which was usually a multiple of the money being bet.

In Indian mythology too gambling has played a very important role. In Greek mythology it is said that the sea, heaven and hell were created in a game of dice between Poseidon, Hades and Zeus. In the ancient age, the throwing of dice was not just considered to be a game of luck and chance, but was believed to be controlled by the gods.

Thus on this day people gamble in millions and in almost every alternate household there is a big gambling party. The ancient Mayans created a ball game which was very popular. Gambling and the Greeks Gambling found special importance in ancient Greece and the Greeks considered it more than just a fun filled activity. They wagered and contended for the city of Athens and after losing, Poseidon punished the people by not sending any water to the mortals.

Just as it is today Greeks gambled in sports and races. Gambling in the Americas The Mayans and Aztecs of America also practiced gambling on quite a large scale. They closely resemble the native games which are played with fervour in Greece even today.

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Here is a brief overview of how gambling has been a part of mythology in different culture around the world The Indian Culture Gambling as an activity might be considered a vice in India but it is an integral part of the Indian culture. While this is the first mention of the dice in Greek history, dice have been found in Egyptian tombs dating as far back as BCE.

Ancient Emperors Many emperors in Ancient Rome and Greece were also recorded as having gambling problems. The Roll of the Dice Various artefacts throughout history have also been found that give evidence to the ancient art of gambling, one of them being the dice. Macuilxochitl was the Aztec God of gambling, feasts, music and danc e.

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Gambling as we know it today has many signs which show its cultural rootedness and a particular game being played in a region might have rules peculiar to that region only. On top of that the wife of the Pandavas, Draupadi is humiliated in open co urt by the Kauravas when Lord Krishna comes to her rescue. It is said that there was huge betting in the ancient Olympics as well.

Gambling and the need to wager for a potential winning outcomes is a part of human nature and people have reared it and embraced it, throughout the ages in history. There were even a number of gambling houses which paid regular taxes to the government. Thus we see that religion was deeply involved in the ballgame and people betted on who would walk out alive of the arena.

The Romans Loved to Gamble It is a fact that the Romans were hardcore gamblers and gambling was sort of a national pastime. Games later developed which became pleasurable forms of gambling and grew in popularity through to the middle ages and right through to the present day.

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Politics was also part of the game and it was well supported by religious leaders, the government officials and the commoners. In the Mahabharata which is one of the greatest epics of the Hindu religion the Kauravas and the Pandavas take part in a game of dice which is seen as the turning point in the story.

One can access games from anywhere in the world through online casino sites and does not even need to be physically present at the casino to play the games.

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