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The prison itself is an automated facility.

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The Super Prop Bet wins with a payout of to-1 when the first card is a 2 and the second card is a 12, or vice versa. New York is a center of industry, serving as the headquarters for a few Marvel companies: The Kyln was later destroyed by Nebula on Ronan the Accuser's orders to "cleanse" it.

Frontline 5, it is a prison originally constructed to house super-villains but which acted as a holding facility for unregistered heroes during the civil war. We use a card deck, representing the 38 numbers on a standard Roulette wheel: Oscorp Tower — fictional skyscraper owned by Norman Osborn.

Earth's Mightiest Heroes season 2 episode "Assault on 42", without the Civil War background as the event never happened in the cartoon's continuity. The prison is an extremely secure, clean facility with cells custom-designed for each inhabitant.

In Leonard Samson's next appearance, he owned a private practice instead of running the institute. When the card used to determine the roll is a 2 or 12, the remaining card will be exposed.

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The Cube was created by writer Grant Morrison and artist J. Prison 42 appears in the Avengers: Alamogordo[ edit ] Alamogordo is a New Mexico nuclear testing facility that held the Armageddon Man and perhaps others in suspended animation. Kafka is in charge and both Electro and Harry Osborn are prisoners.

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In addition, we now offer the Neighbor Bet, which is an optional side wager that gives players the opportunity to bet on all four of the exposed cards used in determining the winning number. Two universities are also especially prominent in the Marvel Universe: First introduced in the eponymous micro-series episode "The Big House" later incorporated into the first-season episode, "The Man in the Ant Hill"it is established as a miniaturized prison for superhuman criminals developed by Hank Pym for S.

Horizon Labs, a leading company in creating the most advanced technology on Earth headed by Max Modell.

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Kyln[ edit ] The Kyln were a series of artificial moons at the edge of known space, which served both as a superhuman prison and a source of nearly unlimited power. It held superhuman criminals in special section in the s; the designation "the Alcatraz Annex" has been used in various Marvel handbooks to distinguish it from Alcatraz in general.

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Daredevil is held there after his arrest in Daredevil vol. Deadpool and Juggernaut were known inmates here. Pym Technologies, a biochemical company that was founded by Hank Pym.

The institute is officially opened in Web of Spider-Man Annual 10 First appeared in Silver Surfer 74 Trask Industries, a weapons and technology company founded and owned by Bolivar Trask.

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Neighbor bets win when the number selected by the player corresponds with any one of the four cards. One of the former guards notes that the prison developed various 'hierarchies', with prisoners congregating with those inmates who shared some aspect of their powers or nature, such as Crossfire forming a small gang consisting of himself, ControllerCorruptorMandrill and Mister Feardue to the fact that all of them relied on manipulating the minds of others.

Operations at the Kyln were overseen by the Nova Corps.

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The Ice Box first appeared in Maverick 8. Fisk Industries, a legitimate business on the surface founded and owned by Wilson Fisk. Ravencroft has also appeared in several TV series. John Jameson was head of security.

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It is also referred to as "File 42" due to it being the 42nd item on a list written by Tony StarkReed Richards and Hank Pym of ways to make a world with super-powered beings safer. How does that work? The Raft is a fictional prison facility for super-human criminals predominantly supervillains in the Marvel Universe.

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Now the headquarters for Alchemax. In this incarnation it housed mostly non-superpowered psychopaths and had an imposing metal front gate a gothic facade similar to Arkham Asylum.

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