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There is also some good evidence that Stratcom general gambling is sending military equipment, including aircraft and, possibly, crews. The problem is that the Americans would have an extremely hard time bringing in enough forces to really make the difference.

Well, all of that is dumb and serves very little useful purpose, but that is what the West is so good at: I will go through several possible plans that these crazies might have starting from the most limited one and then going up the insanity slope.

This plan would have be based on two crucial assumptions: Southern Command, which mainly focuses on Latin America and the Caribbean, Admiral Stavridis, he used 888 casino promo codes be the commander down there, he had Facebook and blogs, and he's had those for years.

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They used chemical weapons in Syria not once, but several times. If there's - an example is in California with all the fires. They even look bad on a parade. The first one is based on a mix of propaganda, bean counting and ignorance. I think that both of these assumptions are deeply mistaken.

My biggest fears This is my biggest fear: Most western armies are a pathetic joke, and those who can fight well the Brits, the Turks are too little to matter. Chinese social networking sites and instant messaging programs are wildly popular. If the US decides to play a game of chicken with Russia, then it will do the same thing as a stratcom general gambling driver playing a game of chicken against an incoming train: The problem is that the USA has a long record of making stratcom general gambling irresponsible statements which end up putting them into a corner from which they cannot bulge without losing face.

His real base of support is not in the Russian elites who mostly fear himbut in the Russian people with whom his current rating are higher than ever before. And Putin knows that. Because we all know how crazy and deluded are Imperial Overlords are. What bothered me was The American Duck Among the many beautiful and witty expressions and neologisms Americans use, I always loved this one: I think that this is correct.

I think that all of these plans will fail. Crazy and deluded enough to play a game a chicken with a train? That is the scenario Glazev fears: What prompted me to issue that warning was the fact that the Council of the Russian Federation has just unanimously passed a resolution allowing Putin to use Russian armed forces in the Ukraine.

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Now, thanks to the propaganda of the corporate media, almost nobody is afraid and hardly anybody is paying attention. This is most evident in the USAF which still has superb pilots, but who are given a terrible choice: A vast majority of Russian experts seem to believe that the US wants to overthrow Putin and that this entire war in the Ukraine is a means to achieve that.

The recruiting tool actually is quite interesting. Since stratcom general gambling in Hollywood movies nobody makes the claim that the US anti-missile systems could stop Iskanders, cruise missiles or even gravity bombs, we would have to accept that the invincible US force would be turned into radioactive particulates and, that, in turn, would leave the US President two terrible choices: Young Chinese office workers chat online with friends throughout the work day.

Or a desperate man with nothing to lose? If the news that the Ukies did it ever becomes stratcom general gambling, then the entire destabilization plan will go down the tubes.

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The corporate media loves this kind of charts in which soldiers, APCs, tanks, aircraft and stratcom general gambling gear are compared. At the time I replied that, yeah, sure, maybe, but what is the point of analyzing something crazy.

They'll keep in touch with their recruits in that area and actually tell them ways they can help out during this time. Alas, I think that this is a very real possibility. We are definitely talking about a continental war with a fantastic potential to turn into a world war.

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This is not the fault of the US solider, by the way, but by the fact that big money and politics got so heavily involved in the US military that they corrupted everything.

Yet trucks are never counted. But what does Uncle Sam really want? They've been recruited, they've accepted to join the military, but they haven't shown up for duty yet. And that is a very scary thought.

But one could argue that the number of trucks is more important to a military than the number of tanks. In fact, I think that it has grown much stronger. At this point, I would not put anything, no matter how crazy, past the US deep-state. Basically it works like this: And a few days ago, I threw in the towel at the duck, of course and had to accept that while I did not know what they were thinking or what their intentions really were, it sure looked to me like the western plutocrats had decided to escalate the crisis has high as possible.

To put it simply — how do you deter a lunatic? I will try as best I can to try to place myself in the mind of these lunatics and see what they could try doing, and what the consequences of that would be. Finally, while they are at this point in time only rumors, there seems to be more and more specialists of the opinion that MH17 was a deliberate false flag by the US.

A few days later I posted an article entitled Why the US-Russian Nuclear Balance is as Solid as Ever in which I tried to dispel the myth prevalent in the West about the putative state of disrepair of the Russian stratcom general gambling in general, and of the Russian nuclear forces in particular. This force would also assume the command and control of Ukie forces, something which the Ukies could greatly benefit from their current command and control is a mess.

It's also not known how authorities in China plan to enforce the restrictions. But yes, on paper NATO looks huge. But, alas, there is a nastier possibility here: This is my worst nightmare and the worst possible assumption to make because Russia cannot yield. After that, it was all downhill. And yet, this is what I propose to do today.

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Remember — these are the folks who hijacked the aircraft of Bolivian President Evo Morales to try to find Snowden on board. Our combatant commands, those organizations of the Defense Department that have our troops in certain areas of the world, have been doing this for some time. Russia can not only destroy Mons, the Pentagon and Cheyenne Mountain just a matter of placing enough warheads on the right spotbut also every single major city in the United States.

The attempts at stirring up anti-Putin by first stirring-up anti-Strelkov feelings have completely failed and, in fact, they have backfired. For them the organization of false flag operations is a normal, standard, procedure. First, in an article entitled Remembering craps throw Important Lessons of the Cold War I tried to explain that the reason the Cold War did not turn into blackjack pizza baltimore number hot, shooting, war is that both sides understood that they simply could never win and that any escalation in strikes and counter-strikes could very rapidly lead to a intercontinental nuclear war, something which neither side was willing to risk.

They also use Twitter to let their recruits know how they can earn credit towards promotion even before they show up for their first day of duty.

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After all, illusion and denial usually go hand in hand. So they're going to use Twitter to keep in touch with them, especially during times of crisis. I think that they are dumb enough to try to seize a Russian ship entering or leaving the Black Sea.

It is about Russia and, stratcom general gambling, about regime change in Russia. Again, Putin would be blamed for letting that happen. The propaganda is something which western military are very good.

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The other thing which really stratcom general gambling hyper casino martigny is that during the Cuban Missile Crisis everybody was aware of the stakes and most people roulette russe ballon truly terrified.

Most of you, dear readers and friends, seem to be sharing with me a sense of total distrust in the sanity of our leaders. Operation Storm in Novorussia and Crimea?

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