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The simple truth is that I am an enormous star all over the world. If I were to concentrate on working entirely here and flop it would be a disaster for me in Europe.

He produced and starred in a romantic drama, Indian Summerthen made some thrillers: Inhe recorded with Dalida "Paroles, paroles", a popular French-language version of the Italian song " Parole parole ". I would like to be a star in America. After a screen test Selznick offered him a contract, provided he casino alain dumas English.

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The Medic and Three Men to Kill One of the factors pointing in that direction was a letter of Stevan Markovic to his brother Aleksandar where he wrote: I have a helicopter business, build furniture, promote prize fights, and race horses We have a great actor in France named Michel Simon and Michel Simon said once, "If you like your goat, make love with your goat. Because this had never been done before in Casino alain dumas, this was known as "Delon's method.

I find a story, hire writers, choose a director, collect a cast, and then put it all together.

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My dream is to do one picture a year in America and one in Europe Then it was back to crime: My Adel productions makes at least one film a year. Delon paidfrancs for the manuscript then returned it to the government.

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If you want to be an international star you must establish yourself in American pictures, because only they will get adequate world wide distribution. Come celebrate the 10th anniversary tour of the Dance Into the Light show!

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Because of my accent I would not attempt to play Americans. Assisted by Michel Roussin, his principal private secretary, de Marenches expelled a "secret agent" involved in investigation Jean-Charles Marchiani.

I don't mean to sound egotistical. Business career[ edit ] In the s Delon expanded his interests.

Delon reportedly wrote a letter thanking Chow for helping the sunglasses sell out in the region. However, in Delon claimed "no one else has tried it since and made money. He has the voice, mannerisms, drumming skills, keyboard playing skills, and he even looks like him He was meant to reteam with Visconti in The Stranger but did not end up playing it.

I do everything from A to Z. Alain Delon was good friends with, among others, Argentine world champion boxer Carlos Monzon. He has placed first casino alain dumas numerous magic competitions including the International Brotherhood of Magicians, the Society of American Magicians, the Canadian Association of Magicians and the International Magicians Society - widely regarded as the Olympics of magic.

He was then given his first lead, supporting Romy Schneider in a period romance, Christinebased on a novel by Arthur Schnitzler. I like that because it enables me to live well.

For a change of pace, he produced a romantic drama, The Love Mateswhich was not a success. Casino alain dumas ability to mimic well-known performers with exceptional ease leaves audiences with the impression that the real performer has joined DiCaire on stage.

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InDelon tried to recreate the success of Fabio Montale and produced and starred in another French television police drama, Frank Riva. The film was the seventeenth most popular movie at the French box office that year.

Greg is one of the new magicians left in the entertainment business who performs with wild animals. He and Schneider began a highly publicised romance in real life. The show was a big hit.

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He made some more crime filmes: But European actors consider it a big break to get their pictures shown in New York. I even handle the finances, distribution, and publicity.

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He was quoted in as saying: Delon announced his decision to give up acting inalthough he still occasionally accepts roles. In DecemberSchneider and Delon decided to break the engagement. Neither was a comedy Easy, Down There!

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Everything would dissolve and I would have nothing. Rocco's heartbroken steadfastness furnishes the film with the foremost of its ironic tragedies He had little money, and got by on whatever employment he could find. This show gets better and better year on year for this super talented drummer, singer, keyboard player, and composer.

This was a big hit in France [5] and was the first of Delon's films to be seen in America.

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He spent time working as a waiter, a porter, a secretary and a sales assistant. Even more popular was Borsalinowhich Delon produced and co-starred opposite Jean-Paul Belmondo. So what's wrong if I had?

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They had two children: Critically acclaimed for her last two shows, DiCaire has charmed audiences with her unrivalled talent and remarkable voice. Visconti directed the production which broke box office records.

Neither of these broke through in the US the way Delon hoped. Delon returned to French films which he produced: It was a minor success.

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It did well but less so than Fabio Montale. I star in two or three pictures a year in France. Delon played protagonist Tom Ripley to critical acclaim; Highsmith herself was a fan of his portrayal.

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I can't do that. The studio also announced that he would appear in the biopic Cervantes, but this was never made.

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The child was raised mostly by Delon's parents. He bought trotters[ clarification needed ] and promoted fights. The latter was distributed by MGM, but it was not a success. It had to be re-edited because of legal issues.

My pictures are the most popular in Russia. Learn how and when to remove this template message Inafter being dishonorably discharged from the military, he returned to France. Inafter a seven-year hiatus, Delon is currently filming La maison vide, co-starring Juliette Binoche and directed by Patrice Leconte. People, once more, don't say it straight to your face but they suggest very very strongly that you have homosexual tastes?

Shock Treatmentand Tony Arzenta Approved by Phil Collins himself!