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Narcissistic, greedy, no interest in helping our people. Okay but the Town is not pure in this deal either.

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The family that was rewarded and then turned out is the one that could mobilize the core of the Tribe. The Tribe wants someone they can be proud of, not a failure who is the laughing stock of Indian Country. And guess who hitler wigan casino has disappeared?

Cause they are out. But luckily for Cedric, the torrential rain came and everyone broke camp. Now a days it takes a short time to recover. Magnanimous gesture it was, but proof it is not.

The shame of it all.

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The Frye insurrection is a two edged sword. They could also remove Treasurer Gordon Harris too because he was coimplicit. There are also council members who have participated in the scheme who are turning a blind eye to the corruption.

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Treating the Greeters of the Pilgrims like begars. They have meeting on Rt. Anyway, Cedric always starts groveling around when things are looking baraka casino ligne. As things get worse, his supporters will flake off and try to save themselve. The ones in charge are not our sharpest knives in the drawer.

Our government has been run by Cromwell and his relatives for the most part, for almost a decade.

The proof of our problem was well documented. He had hip replacement surgery. He just never fit in anywhere. Acceptance is a big problem for you too.

We desrve our land in trust for a reason Shovel Ready and crew never understood. But the jig is up. Think about all those contrived awards she got from IHS. The Fryes have been chatting this up for a month or two.

Why arent they hiring the lobbyists?

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Of course this is what happens when you have a dictatorship. Mullon is 67 years old with credentials in Indian Country and a good reputation in DC. They have brought us to their level. Cedric Cromwell has destroyed us. Gordon Gordon Gordon…the reluctant, resentful Mashpee Wampanoag.

Course there are council members that will do that and with proof of theft and malfeasance, say goodbye Mr.

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Everyone is tierd of being pimped out. The only thing that is genuine is the youth competition. Now its all gone to hell and the striker casino goa sees where this going.

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You ought to have Earl Mills or someone real Mashpee testify so we would stand a chance. The National Council of American Indians brought that up in our defense. Not one of them has ever had any professional training or public service or any manner of professional management.

The once much anticipated Mashpee Wampanoag Pow Wow has become an event attended by those who expect some kind of spectacle.

Yes, get him outta there. Normally it takes an army of firms to tackle something like this.

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Too sad for words. Of course, he comes in, on a walker with the big bodyguard looking nasty.

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But the fact remains that he does not have the votes. He is actually bringing the families together again which is a good thing. Cedric clearly went to the Town and begged.

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The only good thing is that the outcome of his ridiculous Cedric always seems out of place. So the petition is all about Cheryl and her failure to repay IHS like she shoulda. May the Creator be with you David Mullon.

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