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Good HO game, abra casino There are 4 hidden matches in each scene that will fuel your cauldron and let me tell you you could go insane trying to find those matches, very well hidden. The scenes are pretty good, but a little fuzzy so some are a little harder to find. There isn't much of a story line either which is the game's main drawback.

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I was able to complete the game on the "hard" difficulty with no problems. School theme was ok, but not made to its full potential.

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The game was fine, but your money is better spent elsewhere. Bad, bad bad bad bad bad!

Like the first game, this is a straight up Hidden Object game. I still go back to play it from time to time! If you like HOGs with real level of challenge, don't buy this one. I found it challenging and I liked the extra puzzles.

The type of scene that I hate map with 8, 8, 8 etc. It's pretty straight forward. Still as one of the older games it has great value and is fun for those who van slot beginners or just starting off.

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The game is easy to figure out and easy to play, nothing in it is to challenging or difficult, just find the items and be happy! I won't even waste a free game credit on it.

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Keep more of these coming! Rated 5 out of 5 by sweetsrus from own it i love it but this is so wrong on about 3 or 4love years ago I loved this game so much that I had buy it after some time my pc crashed we moved and now iam az have new pc and would to play my game again what do ido?

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The game isn't extremely hard. You also can try and locate matches throughout the scenes in order to help keeping the flame lit. The concept is great and really enjoy replaying the demo every so often.

Abra Academy: Returning Cast

The graphics aren't crazy good or anything but they are pretty decent. Being a older HO game, the graphics are poor and hard on the eyes. That is a fun little twist.

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The replay value is pretty good if you are like me, it's almost like having a brand new game if I play it after waiting for a few months! I could have lived how much gambling winnings do you have to claim the multiple HOS scenes in each level, the limited jiggling hints, and the distracting background music and sounds, but the graphics were awful.

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I bought this game because I enjoyed playing the first one. I will recommend this but only for new commers if your a old hand like me I don't think that you would get the pleasure out of it just because the quality, and the times have become so amazing.

Instead of voice narratives, the conversations are written at the end of each year.

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This is a straight HOS game no adventurewith a few interesting puzzles. But - consequently - there isn't much stress and I find this game extremely relaxing and fun.

Each scene has 4 hidden matches to rekindle the cauldron fire and just like the first edition, they aren't that easy to spot.

Abra Academy ™

Compared to the latter this one has a much lower level of challenge and poorer gaphics. Sometimes I find myself lingering in a scene until my giochi slot machine egitto song" is over. I play a lot of HO games and get tired of having to remember where I have been and how to get back, this game has none of that in it.

The oldest, only seven, can often best my time and abilities on an HOS game. This is basically a hidden object list find game but there are also, find the object that matches the silhouetted shape.

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They are computer savy, bright, and love to play on my computer. Overall, it's a really cute Hidden Object game!

I would love this game even more if I didn't get eye strain and a headache looking for the matches and some of the items that are so small that i need a magnifying glass. This game was a lot of fun and full of hidden objects! It would have been so easy to write the instructions clearly. Jaunty music, relaxing atmosphere, nice graphics, clear and distinct HOS, no time pressures.

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