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There are a few casinos that use the exact same casino software that has the software bug that I found. The house edge is 2. Now that you already know the trick, all you need to know is on which casinos can you use the roulette trick. However, some people think that playing Roulette online will not provide the perfect gambling experience. If the trick ever stops working, I will remove this webpage.

Licensing authorities make sure that the player gets the perfect gambling experience without any cheating or dishonesty. If you follow the above instructions precisely, there is absolutely NO reason why the system should not work for you as it does for me. See my explanation above. This is a place where you can discover everything about roulette playing: It is the minimum amount you can bet on the gaming option.

Limit on your bets — Minimum Wager While playing online free roulette game, you will see online casinos showing you a big button mentioning this term. That is so because of every online casino, that has a license, has to use the right software. If someone asks you what thing reminds of a casino, it is highly probable that you will say, Roulette.

You win if the result is any number between 1 and Then the bets are: Bet on a dozen: As long as this website is up, the software bug will still be there. It is possible that you might have to stop betting for a online casino european roulette trick spins, until this occurs.

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This table is used to make notes of the outcomes in the game after you make your bets. Start again from the beginning. Keep in mind the amount of money that you can win.

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It is better to change casino and return to it after a few days. It was like a dream. It's the law of probabilities and statistics applied to igaming software. Of course, if it happens that the zero comes out you would lose your bet, but although this is rare, it can obviously happen sometimes.

The biggest confusion which many new players experience is regarding the playing platform and the rules of these casino games. This is the 1st Dozen 2 Here we have a bet on "Medium". Therefore, for those who will put the above into action, I wish you good luck! Your winning strategy does not matter as long as you do not begin playing.

How long you can play time It is the duration you can play your Roulette strategy gaming option, after which, you will have to switch table as per the rules. How I Made Over Look at the final five spins: Let us tell you that your chances of winning an online Roulette game are equal to your chances of winning an offline one. Some gaming options have been present in the gambling market since the beginning of the industry.

I will show you how you can take advantage of a computer bug in an online roulette game from certain casinos to consistently make money. The terms The following are the common terms you would see and hear during employing your Roulette strategy.

I only ask you to be honest. You must bet on the medium 2nd dozen if M did not appear in the last 5 spins or the high 3rd dozen if H did not appear in the last 5 spins Stick to the plan below because everything depends on this.

Then our table will be like this: You can earn high profits thanks to the random number generator. You may have already guessed how this glitch can be exploited but please keep reading to see how you can best benefit from this error. The roulette trick bets Let us follow with an above example. You are waiting for one of the dozens to not appear in five consecutive spins.

You need it to quit the game while you are still up. You have to make a note after each spin of the wheel if the result is: Only once I experienced a negative trend of seven consecutive losing bets in a casino in which I don't play anymore, but that was a bad experience that has online casino european roulette trick repeated itself again.

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For your donation, use the Paypal button found at the bottom of this page. I recommend that you act quickly. Actually, this has already happened in one of them, but I'm still playing by using a new account under my wife's name We will help you in understanding the fundamentals of this gaming option and bets as well as the basic rules of the same.

After all the casinos fix the bugs I will shut down this website. If you are sitting at a table with several players, wait until the other players have placed their bets and the wheel has spun several times.

However, if you do not know much about this gaming option, then you should not worry. Suppose that you are at a roulette table and spin the wheel ten times. You will have no problem in understanding how the rules work and the gaming option when you will begin playing.

Don't worry about one chip, you'll have plenty of chances to earn big if you follow the above instructions without messing about or changing anything. The following numbers win: I could sell this trick but I think it is better this way. It was too good to be true. Yes, that is all. However, the website will ask you for it first. You win if the result is any number between 13 and The glitch was not fixed until recently.

As you can imagine, casinos prefer much more customers who lose instead of winners. Martin Becker Programmer However, the original programmer did not realize that when he changed the online roulette game from being purely random, he gave players the opportunity to develop roulette tricks that they can use to always win.

You came to the right page! If you follow the plan represented on the left you will NEVER lose money in the long term, once your dozen appears, because: The worksheet will look like this: You can see quite a number of the movie having an episode with a bet on the spinning wheel, employing a unique strategy or strategies. Moreover, if you are interested in online betting, then it would be better if you find out everything about Roulette beforehand.

Oh, by the way, my roulette winning system has nothing to do with luck.

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This is very important, so please be patient. I continued to play using my friends and relatives. This guarantees that you will win in the long run. What if you knew of a glitch in the roulette software of a particular casino?

How did I learn about this error? In any case, you should see them to avoid any confusion later on. I recommend that you print out the following worksheet and keep it at hand with a pencil or pen. It is very, very simple. This way, you will play with their money while keeping yours safe!

Online casino european roulette trick